10 car pile-up simply certainly one of a number of crashes in zero visibility mud storm that plagued Oklahoma 

A ten car pile-up involving 5 tractor trailers and 5 different autos was simply certainly one of a number of wrecks brought on by an intense mud storm that struck Oklahoma on Tuesday. 

The mud storm hit the Oklahoma panhandle on February 14th, and the ten car pile-up occurred at round 11:30 a.m. a few mile west of Goodwell.

In response to The Day by day Telegraph, the pile-up started when a Peterbiolt heading south west on Freeway 54 drove right into a cloud of blowing mud and soil, which drastically diminished visibility. The truck driver was unable to keep away from autos already stopped on the roadway as a result of debilitating mud, and crashed into them, creating the pile-up wreck. The truck driver was then hospitalized in secure situation. Officers say there was zero visibility within the space on the time. 

One other pile up crash, this time involving six autos, compelled the closure of SH 70 and US Hwy 83 on the cut up. Officers say there have been brownout circumstances in that space. A further three wrecks had been reported involving three tractor trailers being blown over on their sides, reported ABC 7 Amarillo.

Gusts as excessive as 84 mph had been recorded and sustained winds had been clocked at 63 mph, reported ABC 8 Tulsa.

The Texas County Sheriff’s Division captured video of the ten car pile-up. It may be seen beneath.

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