A really scary splash scenario

A driver does a terrific job sustaining his lane in a near-blind splash scenario. 

Within the clip, two truckers are driving side-by-side on a slim two-lane freeway with limitations on both facet throughout a rainstorm when the motive force within the left lane pulls forward. 

The driving force pulling forward then kicks up a deep puddle, splashing it instantly onto the windshield of the filming driver. The filming trucker can see nearly nothing for at the very least 4 seconds. 

“Couldn’t see the mirrors. I used to be blind on all sides. I gave the brakes a light-weight contact to start out slowing down and prayed I used to be straight and that so was he. He very simply might have hydroplaned. I acquired a superb have a look at that water simply earlier than he hit it. It was deep,” wrote the video poster. 

“Nonetheless pulling chunks of seat cushion out of my butt,” the motive force added. 

Watch the pucker-worthy video, beneath. 

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