President-elect Trump w/ US & Chinese flags

China Declares Tariff Hikes on $60 Billion of U.S. Items – Commerce Struggle Replace

Different steam boilers 84021900 Steam boilers and superheated boiler components 84029000 Family sort scorching water boiler for central heating 84031010 Condenser for water and different steam energy crops 84042000 Components for auxiliary tools for central heating and scorching water boilers 84049010 Components for different auxiliary tools 84049090 40MW84068110 Turbine components 84069000 14kW < different diesel engines with energy <132.39kW 84089092 Different marine engine components 84099910 Turbine and water wheel, energy ≤1000kW 84101100 Concrete pump 84134000 Different reciprocating drain pumps 84135090 Different gear rotary pumps 84136029 Different blade rotary pumps 84136039 Radial piston pump 84136050 Axial piston pump 84136060 Vacuum pump 84141000 Fridge and freezer compressors with energy ≤0.4kW 84143011 0.4kW84143012 0.4kW84143013 Non-motor pushed compressor 84143090 Air flow fan with energy ≤ 125 watts 84145120 Energy ≤125 W, fan with rotating wind deflector 84145130 Wall fan with energy ≤ 125 watts 84145193 Energy ≤ 125 watts different followers, followers 84145199 Different ceiling followers 84145910 Different air flow followers 84145920 Centrifugal fan 84145930 Different followers, followers 84145990 Vary hood 84146010 Air flow hood or recirculation hood with a most facet size ≤120cm 84146090 Engine supercharger 84148030 Air con components with cooling capability ≤ 4 kcal / hour 84159010 Different furnace burners utilizing gaseous fuels 84162019 Furnace burners utilizing different fuels 84162090 Different non-electric furnaces and ovens 84178090 Quantity > 500L refrigeration-freezing mixture machine 84181010 200L84181020 Quantity >150L Compressed family fridge 84182110 50L84182120 Compression warmth pump, heading 8415 for air con 84186120 Different warmth pumps, heading 8415, aside from air con 84186190 Different refrigeration items 84186920 Particular furnishings components for refrigerating or freezing tools 84189100 Refrigeration tools components with a cooling temperature >-40 ° C and a capability > 500 L 84189992 Gasoline quick water heater 84191100 Agricultural product dryer 84193100 Wooden, pulp, paper or cardboard dryer 84193200 Empty 84194010 Distillation column 84194020 Different distillation or distillation tools 84194090 Components for water heaters 84199010 Calender or different rolling machine 84201000 Curler for calender or different rolling machines 84209100 Centrifugal dryers with a dry weight of ≤10kg 84211210 Dehydrator 84211910 Stable-liquid separator 84211920 Ship ballast water therapy tools 84212191 Different filter presses 84212910 Family fuel filtration and purification machines and units 84213910 Electrical bag composite mud collector 84213924 Different mud collectors for industrial use 84213929 Flue fuel desulfurization machine 84213940 Family dishwasher 84221100 Non-domestic dishwasher 84221900 Beverage and liquid meals filling tools 84223010 Different packaging machines 84223030 Different sealing machines, and so forth. 84223090 Different packaging or packing machines 84224000 Components for dishwashers 84229010 Beverage and liquid meals filling tools components 84229020 Taxation 8422 Different unlisted machine components 84229090 Weight scale, child scale and family scale 84231000 Digital belt scale 84232010 Scales for steady weighing on different conveyor belts 84232090 Quantitative packing scale 84233010 Quantitative sorting scale 84233020 Batching scale 84233030 Different fixed scales, materials dosing scales 84233090 Pricing scale with a most weighing of ≤30kg 84238110 Spring balances with a most weighing ≤ 30kg 84238120 Different locations within the steadiness 84238910 Different railway scales 84238920 Moveable sprayer for agriculture or gardening 84244100 Boat washer 84248991 Different non-electric winches and winches 84253990 Hydraulic hoist for lifting autos 84254290 Common bridge crane 84261120 Gantry crane 84261930 Portal crane and seat jib crane 84263000 Crawler crane 84264910 Different lifting tools 84269900 Different lifts and dump cranes 84281090 Different belt steady cargo lifting, conveyor 84283300 Curler steady cargo lifting, conveyor 84283920 Stacking and reclaiming equipment 84289031 Different dealing with equipment 84289039 Dealing with robotic 84289040 Monitor-type tractor with energy ≤ 235.36kW 84291190 Different motorized curler 84294019 Monitor excavator 84295212 Non-self-propelled drilling or drilling equipment 84304900 Different self-propelled unlisted equipment 84305090 Engineering drilling rig with drill pipe diameter ≤3m ​​84306919 Drive axles and their components for equipment listed in heading 8427 84312010 Buckets, buckets, grabs and buckets 84314100 Different drilling unit components 84314390 Drive axles and their components for development equipment 84314920 Different no-till direct planters 84323129 Different no-till direct transplanter 84323139 Fertilizer spreader 84324200 Web site preparation or tillage equipment, rolling machine components 84329000 Different harvesters 84335990 Dairy processing machine 84342000 Machine for the manufacturing of sweets, cocoa powder, chocolate 84382000 Sugar machine 84383000 Brewing machine 84384000 Machine for making cellulose pulp 84391000 Paper or cardboard ending machine 84393000 Machine components for the manufacture or ending of paper and cardboard 84399900 Lock binding machine 84401010 Different bookbinding machines 84401090 Components of bookbinding machines 84409000 Paper Cutter 84411000 Molded machine for pulp, paper or cardboard merchandise 84414000 Different machines for the manufacture of pulp and paper merchandise 84418090 Pc-to-plate tools 84423021 To make plates, machines and tools 84423029 Different machines, equipment and tools for casting and plate making 84423090 Components for casting, typesetting and plate making machines 84424000 Varieties, prints, sheets and different components 84425000 Photogravure printing machine 84431700 Rotary display screen printing machine 84431921 Flat display screen printing machine 84431922 Electrostatic photosensitive multifunction machine 84433110 Different multifunction machines 84433190 Stylus printer 84433211 Laser printer 84433212 Inkjet printer 84433213 Different fax machines or typewriters that may be related to the community 84433290 Different unbiased teletypewriters 84433990 Components and equipment for standard printing presses 84439190 Auxiliary machines for digital printing tools 84439910 Thermal Printhead 84439921 Components for different printers, copiers, facsimile machines 84439990 Chemical fiber deformation machine 84440040 Chemical fiber chopping machine 84440050 Different chemical fiber processing machines 84440090 Different textile fiber carding machines 84451190 Doubling machine or twisting machine 84453000 Computerized winder 84454010 Different winders, shakers 84454090 Looms with width ≤ 30cm 84461000 Air jet loom of width > 30cm 84463050 Round knitting machine with cylinder diameter ≤165mm 84471100 Round knitting machine with cylinder diameter > 165mm 84471200 Flat weft knitting machine 84472020 Different auxiliary machines listed in headings 8444 to 8447 84481900 Spinneret or spinneret 84482020 Different equipment for fiber extruders and their auxiliary machines 84482090 Metal wire material 84483100 Different equipment for textile fiber pretreatment machines 84483200 Air splicer 84483930 Different equipment for the heading 8445 machines 84483990 Reed, healds and heald frames for loom 84484200 Different equipment for weaving machines and their auxiliary machines 84484990 Knitting machine with No. 28 needle 84485120 Sinks, different knitting needles and forming components 84485190 Taxation 8441 Different equipment for machines 84485900 Needle punching machine 84490010 Full-automatic washer with a drying capability of ≤10kg 84501110 Drum sort computerized washer with a drying capability of ≤10kg 84501120 Different totally computerized washing machines with a drying capability of ≤10kg 84501190 Washer components with a drying capability of ≤10kg 84509010 Dry cleansing machine 84511000 Dryer with a drying capability of ≤10kg 84512100 Ironing machine and extruder (together with soften press) 84513000 Washing, bleaching or dyeing machine 84514000 Multi-function family stitching machine 84521010 Handbook family stitching machine 84521091 Non-home computerized stitching machine 84522110 Non-domestic computerized overlock stitching machine 84522120 Non-domestic computerized stretch stitching machine 84522130 Different non-domestic computerized stitching machines 84522190 Different non-domestic non-automatic stitching machines 84522900 Stitching machine needle 84523000 Different components for family stitching machines 84529019 Different components for different stitching machines 84529099 Rawhide, leather-based processing, tanning or processing machines 84531000 Footwear making or repairing machines 84532000 Components of the machines listed in heading 8453 84539000 Different ingots and ladle for metallic smelting and casting 84542090 Components for different billet steady casting machines 84549029 Machine instruments for processing numerous supplies with laser 84561100 Machine instruments for processing numerous supplies with ultrasonic waves 84562000 CNC machine instruments for the therapy of varied supplies by electrical discharge 84563010 Vertical Machining Heart for Machining Metals 84571010 Horizontal Machining Heart for Machining Metals 84571020 Machining of metallic gantry machining facilities 84571030 Milling and lathe machining heart for machining metals 84571091 Single-station mixture machine software for machining metallic 84572000 Multi-station mixture machine software for machining metallic 84573000 CNC horizontal lathe for chopping metallic 84581100 Vertical CNC machine instruments for chopping metals 84589110 Different CNC machine instruments for chopping metals 84589120 Different lathes for chopping metallic 84589900 CNC drilling machine for chopping metallic 84592100 Different drilling machines for chopping metals 84592900 CNC boring machine for chopping metallic 84594100 Different trampolines for chopping metallic 84594900 Different CNC milling machines for chopping metals 84596190 Excessive precision CNC floor grinder 84601210 Different excessive precision floor grinders 84601910 Excessive precision CNC centerless grinding machine 84602210 Excessive precision crankshaft grinder 84602311 Different excessive precision CNC cylindrical grinding machines 84602319 Excessive precision inner grinding machine 84602411 Different excessive precision CNC grinding machines 84602419 CNC sharpening (software or software) machine 84603100 Different sharpening (software or software) machine instruments 84603900 Grinding machine 84604020 Grinder 84609010 Different ending machines, comparable to grinding 84609090 Broaching machine 84613000 Gear Grinder 84614011 Different CNC gear processing machines 84614019 Non-CNC gear processing machine 84614090 Sawing machine or chopping machine 84615000 Unlisted machine instruments for heading 8461 84619090 CNC forging or stamping machine and forging hammer 84621010 Non-CNC forging or stamping machine instruments and forging hammers 84621090 CNC straightening machine 84622110 Different bending, folding, straightening or leveling CNC machine instruments 84622190 Different sheet metallic working machines aside from CNC 84622990 Different CNC chopping machine instruments 84623190 Non-CNC plate with cross shear 84623920 Computerized change mode CNC stepping press 84624111 Different CNC punch presses 84624119 Different CNC punching, slotting machine, punching and shearing machine 84624190 Non-CNC punching, slotting machine, punching and shearing machine 84624900 Steel Profile Extrusion Machine 84629110 Different hydraulic presses 84629190 Different mechanical presses 84629910 Unlisted machine instruments for tariff head 8462 84629990 Wire drawing machine 84631020 Thread rolling mill 84632000 Wire processing machine 84633000 Fret noticed 84641020 Different sawing machines for processing minerals and different supplies 84641090 Glass grinding or sharpening machine 84642010 Different grinding or sharpening machines for processing minerals and different supplies 84642090 Slicing machine 84649011 Engraving machine 84649012 Different glass cold-working machines 84649019 Unlisted machine instruments for different tax gadgets 8464 84649090 Composite mechanical machining machine 84651000 Sawing machines for processing supplies comparable to wooden 84659100 Planing, milling or chopping machines for processing supplies comparable to wooden 84659200 Machine for bending or assembling supplies comparable to wooden 84659400 Drilling or chiseling machines for processing supplies comparable to wooden 84659500 Machine for chopping, chopping or scraping supplies comparable to wooden 84659600 Different machine instruments for processing supplies comparable to wooden 84659900 Instrument holder and self-starting die chopping head 84661000 Workholding fixture 84662000 Indexing heads and different equipment devoted to machine instruments 84663000 Equipment for machines listed in heading 8465 84669200 Instrument journal and computerized software changer 84669310 Electrical drill 84672100 Different electrical saws 84672290 Electrical sanding software 84672910 Different components for moveable energy instruments 84679910 Different welding machines and units 84688000 Digital calculator and pocket knowledge recording and playback machine 84701000 Different digital calculator 84702900 Level of sale terminal teller machine 84705010 Postage stamping machine, ticket merchandising machine and comparable machines 84709000 Pill 84713010 Moveable computerized knowledge processing tools with weight ≤ 10kg 84713090 Terminals for big, massive, medium and small computer systems 84716040 Scanner 84716050 Keyboard 84716071 Mouse 84716072 Computerized processing of different enter or output parts of the machine 84716090 Onerous Drive 84717010 Optical drive 84717030 Different parts of computerized knowledge processing tools 84718000 ATM 84729010 Excavator 84729021 Stapler 84729022 Different workplace machines 84729090 Equipment for digital calculators listed in heading 8470 84732100 Equipment for different machines listed in heading 8470 84732900 Digital Massive, Medium and Small Pc Equipment 84733010 Different spare components for computer systems listed in heading 8471 84733090 ATM machine with money dispenser and recirculating machine 84734010 Phrase processor, typewriter equipment 84734020 Different workplace machine equipment listed in heading 8472 84734090 Machine equipment listed in heading 8469-8472 84735000 Ball Milling and Milling Machine 84742020 Different crushing and milling machines 84742090 Concrete or mortar mixing machine 84743100 Stable Mineral Roll Forming Machine 84748010 Machine for the manufacture of optical fibers and their preforms 84752100 Steady glass scorching bending furnace 84752911 Glass fiber drawing machine 84752912 Different glass thermal processing tools 84752919 Manufacture or thermal processing machines for different glass and its merchandise 84752990 Beverage merchandising machine with heating or cooling unit 84762100 Components of the machines listed in heading 8476 84769000 Injection Molding Machine 84771010 Different injection machines for processing rubber or plastic 84771090 Plastic granulator 84772010 Plastic Blow Molding Machine 84774010 Plastic Calendering Machine 84774020 Different vacuum molding and thermoforming machines 84774090 Pneumatic tyre moulding or refurbishing and interior tube moulding or moulding machines 84775100 Different molding or molding machines 84775990 Different rubber or plastic processing machines 84778000 Asphalt paver 84791021 Machine for extracting processed animal or vegetable oils 84792000 Machine for the manufacture of ropes or cables 84794000 Multifunctional Industrial Robotic 84795010 Different passenger boarding (ship) bridge 84797900 Winding machine 84798110 Ship steering gear and gyro stabilizer 84798910 Computerized plug-in machine 84798961 Computerized placement machine 84798962 Automated three-dimensional storage tools 84798992 Steel casting field 84801000 Kind mould base plate 84802000 Die-casting mould 84804110 Dies for powder metallurgy 84804120 Capsule mould for vulcanized tyres 84807110 Injection moulding or stamping for different plastics or rubber 84807190 Digital enlargement valve 84818031 Deep groove ball bearings 84821020 Angular contact bearing 84821030 Marine diesel engine crankshaft 84831011 Planetary gear reducer 84834020 Flywheels, pulleys and pulley blocks 84835000 Micromotors with a housing dimension of 20 mm and above however not more than 39 mm 85011091 Different micromotors with an output energy not exceeding 37.5 watts 85011099 Multiphase AC motor with an output energy not exceeding 750 watts 85015100 Multiphase AC motors with an output energy exceeding 750 watts however not exceeding 75 kW 85015200 Generator set with ignited piston inner combustion engine 85022000 Wind pushed generator set 85023100 Motor components for subheadings 8501.1010 and 8501.1091 85030010 Sub-units 8501.6420 and 8501.6430 listed generator components 85030020 Components for generator units listed in subheading 8502.3100 85030030 Devoted or used primarily for different components of the machines listed in heading 8501 or 8502 85030090 Liquid medium transformers with a rated capability exceeding 650 kVA however not exceeding 10 MVA 85042200 Liquid dielectric transformers with a rated capability exceeding 10 mega volts however lower than 220 mega volts 85042311 Liquid medium transformers rated at 500 megavolt-amperes and above 85042329 Different transformers with rated capability not exceeding 1 kVA 85043190 Regulated energy provide for machines listed in heading 8471 85044013 Inverter 85044030 Semiconductor module with variable present operate (static converter) 85044091 Different inductors 85045000 Subheads 8504.2321, 8504.2329 Checklist of transformer components 85049011 Different transformer components 85049019 Different stationary converters and inductor components 85049090 Uncommon earth everlasting magnet 85051110 Different everlasting magnets and articles ready for everlasting magnets after magnetization 85051900 Electromagnetic couplings, clutches and brakes 85052000 Electromagnets; electromagnets or everlasting magnet chucks, clamps; components for items listed in heading 8509 85059090 Different alkaline zinc-manganese batteries 85061019 Different major batteries and first battery packs of manganese dioxide 85061090 Main battery and first battery pack of silver oxide 85064000 Lithium major battery and first battery pack 85065000 Zinc air major battery and first battery pack 85066000 Begin lead-acid battery for piston engine 85071000 Nickel-metal hydride storage battery 85075000 Lithium ion battery 85076000 Different battery components 85079090 Electrical vacuum cleaners with an influence not exceeding 1500 watts and a mud gathering container quantity not exceeding 20 liters 85081100 Different electrical vacuum cleaners 85081900 Different vacuum cleaners 85086000 Components for vacuum cleaners listed in subheading 8508.1100 85087010 Fruit or vegetable juicer 85094010 Kitchen waste processor 85098020 Different family electrical home equipment (besides vacuum cleaners for taxation 8508) 85098090 Components for family electrical home equipment (besides vacuum cleaners for taxation 8508) 85099000 Electrical shaver 85101000 Electrical hair clipper 85102000 Electrical Epilator 85103000 Components of products listed in heading 8510 85109000 Different ignition magnets, everlasting magnet DC turbines and magnetic flywheels 85112090 Engine starter motor with output energy of 132.39 kW (180 hp) and above 85114091 Different starter motors and dual-purpose starter turbines 85114099 Different turbines 85115090 Components of varied different units listed in heading 8511 85119090 Lighting or visible signalling units for bicycles 85121000 Different self-powered moveable electrical lights 85131090 Flashlight components 85139010 Different self-powered moveable electrical gentle components 85139090 Components for steelmaking electrical furnace 85149010 Different brazing machines and units 85151900 Resistance welding robotic 85152120 Different resistance welding machines and units 85152900 Arc (together with plasma arc) welding robotic 85153120 Spiral Welded Pipe Machine 85153191 Laser welding robotic 85158010 Storage radiator 85162100 Radiant house heater 85162920 Fan house heater 85162931 Liquid crammed house heater 85162932 Different electrical house heaters 85162990 Electrical hair dryer 85163100 Microwave oven 85165000 Induction Cooker 85166010 Electrical oven 85166050 Different electrical furnaces, electrical cookers, electrical heating plates, heating rings, barbecues and roasters 85166090 Drip espresso maker 85167110 Distilled percolating espresso machine 85167120 Pump espresso machine 85167130 Slice toaster (toaster) 85167220 Different electrical baking pan 85167290 Electrical water dispenser 85167910 Different electrical heating home equipment 85167990 Components of different items listed in heading 8516 85169090 Cordless phone 85171100 Handheld (together with automotive) radiotelephone 85171210 Walkie talkie 85171220 Different telephones for mobile or wi-fi networks 85171290 Cell communication base station 85176110 Wavelength division multiplexing optical transmission tools 85176222 IP phone sign conversion tools 85176233 Router 85176236 Cable community interface card 85176237 Wi-fi community interface card 85176292 Wi-fi entry fastened station 85176293 Wi-fi headset 85176294 Different tools for receiving, changing and transmitting or reproducing sound, photographs or different knowledge 85176299 Components for digital program-controlled telephones or telegraph switches 85177010 Components for hand-held radiotelephones (excluding antennas) 85177030 Interphone components (excluding antennas) 85177040 Gear antennas and components thereof, heading 8517 85177070 Different components for tools listed in heading 8517 85177090 Microphone (microphone) and its body 85181000 Single speaker 85182100 Different audio system 85182900 Headphones, earphones 85183000 Components of products listed in heading 8518 85189000 Turntable (phono turntable) 85193000 Cassette tape recorder with sound replica machine 85198112 Laser document participant with out recording operate 85198121 Flash reminiscence sort sound recording machine geared up with sound reproducing machine 85198131 Different phonographs with out recording units (with or with out loudspeakers) 85198910 Digital Video Disc (DVD) Participant 85219012 Different laser disc gamers 85219019 Equipment for turntables or document gamers 85229010 Magnetic head 85229022 Motion of laser disc participant 85229031 Different components and equipment for video sign recording or playback tools 85229039 Different components for sound recording or playback tools 85229099 Unrecorded disk 85232911 Unrecorded tapes over 6.5 mm huge 85232923 Unrecorded optical media 85234100 Unrecorded flash reminiscence 85235110 Unrecorded “sensible card” 85235210 Different semiconductor media not recorded 85235910 Non-special goal broadcast tv cameras 85258012 Different tv cameras not for particular functions 85258013 Single-lens reflex digital digicam for non-special use 85258022 Different interchangeable lens digital cameras for non-special goal 85258025 Different digital cameras not for particular functions 85258029 Broadcast-grade video camcorder for non-special goal 85258032 Family video camcorder for non-special use 85258033 Different video camcorders, not for particular functions 85258039 Different included (taking part in) sound mixture machine 85279100 Radio with clock 85279200 Different radio broadcast receiving tools 85279900 Different coloration LCD screens, computerized knowledge processing tools for connection to heading 8471 85285212 Different coloration screens, computerized knowledge processing techniques for tariffs 8471 85285291 Different monochrome screens 85285990 Different coloration projectors, computerized knowledge processing tools for connection to heading 8471 85286220 Different coloration projectors 85286910 Different coloration tv receivers with out show 85287180 LCD coloration analog TV 85287221 LCD coloration digital TV 85287222 Different coloration digital tv 85287292 Antennas or antenna reflectors and components thereof for radios and their combines, tv receivers 85291020 Non-special goal imaging module 85299042 Different TV cameras, video camcorders, components for digital cameras 85299049 Radar tools and different components for radio navigation tools 85299050 Different components for radios and their mixture machines 85299060 Different parts for coloration tv receivers 85299081 Plasma imaging meeting and its components 85299082 Natural gentle emitting diode show 85299083 Different components of apparatus or tools listed in headings 8525 to 8528 85299090 Show panel with liquid crystal machine (LCD) or gentle emitting diode (LED) 85312000 Buzzer 85318010 50/60 Hertz circuit with fastened capacitor, reactive energy is just not lower than 0.5 thousand 85321000 Chip tantalum capacitor 85322110 Chip Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor 85322210 Different aluminum electrolytic capacitors 85322290 Single layer ceramic capacitor 85322300 Chip multilayer ceramic capacitor 85322410 Different paper media or plastic dielectric capacitors 85322590 Different fastened capacitors 85322900 Variable or adjustable (advantageous tuning) capacitor 85323000 Artificial or movie fastened carbon resistors 85331000 Chip-type fastened resistors as much as 20 watts rated 85332110 Wirewound varistor with rated energy higher than 20 watts, together with varistors and potentiometers 85333900 Different variable resistors, together with varistors and potentiometers 85334000 Components of products listed in heading 8533 85339000 4 or extra printed circuits 85340010 Print circuits of as much as 4 layers 85340090 Fuses for strains over 1000 volts 85351000 Computerized circuit breaker for strains with voltages exceeding 1 kV, lower than 72.5 kV 85352100 Computerized circuit breakers for strains with voltages as much as 72.5 kV and never exceeding 220 kV 85352910 Computerized circuit breakers for strains with voltages above 220 kV however not exceeding 750 kV 85352920 Different disconnectors and disconnectors 85353090 Surge arrester, voltage limiter and surge suppressor 85354000 For fuses with voltages as much as 1000 volts 85361000 Computerized circuit breaker for strains as much as 1000 volts 85362000 Different circuit safety units for voltages as much as 1000 volts 85363000 Relay for voltages as much as 36 volts 85364110 Relay for voltages exceeding 36 volts however not exceeding 60 volts 85364190 Relay for voltages over 60 volts 85364900 For different switches as much as 1000 volts 85365000 Plugs and sockets for strains as much as 1000 volts 85366900 For different CNC units with voltages as much as 1000 volts 85371019 Totally enclosed modular excessive voltage switchgear for strains as much as 500 kV and above 85372010 Sub-area 8537.2010 Disks, plates, tables, cupboards and different bases for items listed 85381010 Different components of the tools listed in headings 8535 to 8537 85389000 Tungsten halogen lamp for scientific analysis and medical use 85392110 Incandescent gentle bulbs with an influence not exceeding 200 watts and rated voltages exceeding 100 volts (for analysis and medical functions) 85392290 Incandescent bulbs with voltages as much as 12 volts 85392991 Sodium vapor lamp 85393230 Mercury vapor lamp 85393240 Steel halide lamp 85393290 Different discharge lamps 85393990 Mild Emitting Diode (LED) Bulb (Tube) 85395000 Components of products listed in heading 8539 85399000 Picture tube and picture intensifier tube; different photocathode tubes 85402090 Magnetron 85407100 Different pipes listed in heading 8540 85408900 Different components for items listed in heading 8540 85409990 Diode, besides photodiode or LED 85411000 Transistors with lower than 1 watt of energy dissipation 85412100 Transistors with an influence dissipation higher than or equal to 1 watt 85412900 Semiconductor switching ingredient, two-terminal AC switching ingredient and three-terminal thyristor switching ingredient 85413000 Mild Emitting Diode 85414010 Photo voltaic cell 85414020 Different photosensitive semiconductor units 85414090 Assembled piezoelectric crystal 85416000 Components for metallic and mineral detectors 85439030 Different components for items listed in heading 8543 85439090 Connector cable with rated voltage not exceeding 80 volts 85444211 Different connector electrical conductors with rated voltage not exceeding 80 volts 85444219 Different connector electrical conductors with rated voltages exceeding 80 volts however not exceeding 1000 volts 85444229 Cables with a rated voltage exceeding 35 kV however not exceeding 110 kV 85446013 Different cables with a rated voltage exceeding 1000 volts 85446019 Carbon electrode for furnace 85451100 Carbon brush 85452000 Glass insulators 85461000 Insulated porcelain bushings for energy transmission and transformation strains 85462010 Different insulators 85469000 Different insulating components 85479090 Machines or tools, 85 Electrical tools, not elsewhere specified 85489000

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