Urban Dictionary Vs. Shipping Glossary Part 3

City Dictionary Vs. Delivery Glossary Half 3

What are you speaking about?!

Each business has its personal particular vocabulary. The worldwide transport business in all probability has greater than most, together with an excellent many acronyms.

It may be arduous for brand new folks working within the business to know what’s being stated when the transport jargon will get heavy, so think about what outsiders are considering once they hear all of the transport acronyms and vocab flying round.

To assist with that creativeness, we’ve created this collection evaluating Logistics Glossary definitions to definitions of the identical phrases and acronyms from the City Dictionary.

Since phrases typically have totally different meanings, it’s not a nasty thought for shippers to know the way others outline the phrases they’re utilizing. And studying the City Dictionary definitions for transport phrases is at all times good for fun.

Listed here are the hyperlinks to the earlier two installments of this collection:

Alright, let’s get this issues began with immediately’s transport/city phrases…

Terminal looks as if a straight ahead phrase. On the very least, it’s one we use on a regular basis within the worldwide transport business.

Logisitics Glossary definition of terminal:

Transportation facility with a number of of the next roles:

1. System entry: terminals are factors at which freight enters and leaves the transportation system.

2. Freight consolidation/distribution

3. Mode switch: freight could change from one mode to a different, for instance, rail to truck.

4. Car switch: inside a single mode, freight could switch from one automobile to a different.

5. Storage and warehousing

6. Fleet upkeep

So terminal is a noun. Nicely, not essentially in response to the City DIctionary.

Prime City Dictionary definition of terminal:

adj. one thing that’s extremely cool; greater than sick or in poor health

I had a terminal day yesterday–I bought the samsung 990 after which performed dalmuti at taco bell for 9 hours.

I might have thought with the phrases “sick” and “in poor health” within the definition that this adjective definition of the phrase would have described a life-ending illness. As an alternative, it turned out rather more optimistic.

It must be famous that judging from the Samsung 990 getting used within the instance, this slang could also be outdated or out of date. If that’s the case, I believe it must be introduced again if solely so shippers can name superior terminals “terminal terminals.”

In fact, the City Dictionary tends to have a number of definitions for phrases, and the City Dictionary has a noun model of terminal as effectively.

One other City Dictionary definition of terminal:

a terminal is when a male develops an erection which serves no goal or which was not desired.

The terminal has no operate, it’s a random prevalence which normally leads to frustration and a want for it to stop.

The most probably place for a terminal to happen is in a public place the place coping with the terminal is impractical or frowned upon, thereby inflicting the sufferer to attend it out.

while sitting at school, John developed a terminal, and all through the category needed to wait it out.

“lou, ive bought a terminal, i dont know what to do!”

“you’re simply going to attend it out, John!”

Yikes. That form of terminal isn’t so terminal.

Like terminal, FTL is a transport time period that’s used on a regular basis.

The acronym stand for Full Truckload.

Right here’s how our Logistics Glossary defines it:

A trucking business time period; a truckload cargo is when the shipper contracts a whole truck for direct point-to-point service. Truckload shipments are priced per mile inside designated lanes, whatever the measurement of the cargo supplied it matches (weight, dice) throughout the automobile. Inexpensive per unit weight shipped than LTL. A truckload provider is a trucking firm specializing in point-to-point truckload shipments.

You understand the City Dictionary goes to have one other definition for an acronym like this. The truth is, they’ve a number of.

Prime City Dictionary definition for FTL:

The other of FTW (For the Win)

An acronym for “For the Loss”

You say it when your staff is about to lose, since you bought paired with grab-asses.

“Individuals who assume FTL means “For the Lose” are taking english assessments FTL”

Take a look at City Dictionary additionally serving to us out with a little bit of grammar. Putting a verb after an article the place there must be a noun is a fail.

Whereas most individuals on City Dictionary appear to agree with the above definition, there’s a giant contigent who’ve one other definition for the acronym FTL. And this one is bizarre.

One other City Dictionary definition for FTL:

French The Llama.

Created by John Inexperienced of the Vlogbrothers(Youtube) after a contest run by DARPA. One Individual stated FTL and it meant for the loss. Nerdfighters then tricked John into considering it was French The Llama. It’s used when exhibiting emphasis when somebody doesn’t wish to say the F phrase.

E.g 1) Individual 1: Look a whale! 
Individual 2: French The Llama that wail is large.

Individuals working within the transport business in all probability thought reserving an FTL was a win, however, french the llama, now they know higher!

Even with the above stable definitions of FTL, the City Dictionary was not but accomplished with the acronym. This remaining definition for the acronym may simply be the funniest.

One other ‘nother City Dictionary definition for FTL:

The abbreviation for the continuously used phrase “For the Girls.” Sometimes used as a justification for extravagant male habits or possessions. FTL might also be used sarcastically to consult with embarrassing acts or attributes.

Honest: 1. “It was costly, however the hearth that I put in in my bed room is only FTL and I’m certain it’s going to repay. 2. “My karaoke tribute to Tom Jones is pure FTL magic; It at all times fills my mattress.”

Sarcastic: 1. “Ooh, good mustachio-mullet combo, Pat. That’s completely FTL.” 2. “It’s nice how your pants are so tight that the zipper is at all times busting open- have to be FTL.”

Busting out the sarcastic model of this FTL definition may work effectively when one is coping with a terminal.

If we’re going to cowl FTL on this version of City Dictionary Vs. Logistics Glossary, then now we have to cowl LTL. It solely appears proper.

Logistics Glossary definition of LTL:

LTL (Much less-Than-Truckload)

A trucking business time period; a less-than-truckload (LTL) cargo is when a shipper contracts for the transportation of freight that won’t require a whole truck. LTL shipments are priced in response to the load of the freight, its commodity class (which typically determines its dice/weight ratio), and mileage inside designated lanes. An LTL provider focuses on LTL shipments, and subsequently sometimes operates a posh hub-and-spoke community with consolidation/deconsolidation factors; LTL carriers carry a number of shipments for various clients in single vans.

Prime City Dictionary definition of LTL:

Residing the life. The other of FML (F@#! my life).

Right now, I discovered 20 bucks on the bottom! LTL.

I get how this one works. It’s like this: I write two blogs every week about worldwide transport, the world’s most fascinating topic, after which I moonlight writing blogs concerning the Detroit Lions as a result of I’m an enormous fan of the NFL’s winningless staff! LTL.

In fact, the City Dictionary has extra to show us about LTL.

One other City Dictionary definition of LTL:

Having a “Lot To Study”. If somebody says one thing that’s humorous, just because they don’t have any clue what they’re speaking about, you substitute LTL for the sometimes positioned lol…

Brendan: You understand why Chinese language persons are so quick? 
Adam: No, why? 
Brendan: Due to the radiation from once we bombed them after Pearl Harbor. 
Adam: LTL about Japan Brendan… LTL about Japan…

Wow. Brendan’s joke is incorrect and offensive on each degree. He has LTL about extra than simply Japan.

One final City Dictionary definition of LTL:

Lunch time loving – Usually with a piece colleague

I’m going to hyperlink Sarah for some “LTL”

Oh yeah. Chef from South Park ought to have a tune about this one.

I really assume this definition works effectively with the primary City Dictionary definition of the acronym. In case you’re getting lunch time loving, you’re residing the life. In fact, it will be a bit complicated to say. “At midday I’m going for some LTL! LTL.”

That’s sufficient City Dictionary definitions till we do that entire factor once more. If you need extra, simply return and take a look at the primary two editions of this collection:

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