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Do You Know Your Turkeys? Take the Turkey Quiz!

It’s lastly right here! Common Cargo Basic Supervisor Raymond Rau’s favourite weblog of the 12 months: Common Cargo’s Completely happy Thanksgiving Turkey Weblog!

You may name right this moment Thanksgiving, however many name it Turkey Day. To have a good time individuals everywhere in the United States following custom and stuffing their faces with turkey right this moment, Common Cargo retains the Turkey Day Weblog custom, which is way much less celebrated (besides by Ray), alive.

However how can I publish one other turkey weblog and make it totally different than those posted in years previous? I received it! How a few Turkey Quiz! How a lot do you actually know concerning the hen you, or no less than many individuals you realize, will likely be consuming right this moment?

Okay, let’s face it. There’s a superb probability you’re not studying this on Thanksgiving Day as a result of who reads worldwide delivery blogs on holidays? In the event you do, don’t fear. I don’t choose. Take the quiz under to check your turkey information or problem your pals, household, or coworkers.

Since that is a world delivery weblog, I’ve additionally thrown in a pair questions on delivery to and from the nation of Turkey. Don’t fear, it’s all a number of alternative. Similar to the SAT. What could possibly be higher?

Are you prepared? Start!

1. Which of the next can’t be used to conclude a turkey’s intercourse?

a) beard

b) tail feathers

c) droppings

d) talons

The reply is a). Many turkeys have particular feathers, which appear to be a tuft of coarse hair, that are known as a beard. As a rule, guessing a bearded turkey to be male can be appropriate. Nevertheless, the beard is just not sufficient to conclude the intercourse of the hen. Whereas it’s extra widespread for male turkeys to have beards, many feminine turkeys even have these particular feathers.  In line with

“If one sees a beard on a turkey, it signifies that the turkey might be a male — about 10 to twenty p.c of feminine turkeys additionally develop beards. No matter whether or not the turkey is male or feminine, the beard might be as much as 18 inches lengthy with a mean size of 9 inches.”

It must be famous that beards on girl turkeys don’t appear to be a flip off for male turkeys.

b) is wrong as a result of as is widespread with many birds, male turkeys have extra brightly coloured feathers than their feminine counterparts. On prime of this, solely male turkeys fan their tails based on

“A turkey’s gender might be decided from its droppings–males produce spiral-shaped poop and females’ poop is formed just like the letter J,” says Smithsonian, making c) incorrect. That’s an appetizing thought earlier than Thanksgiving dinner.

d) is wrong as a result of, like the lads in any Western you possibly can watch John Wayne or Clint Eastwood in, male turkeys have spurs. In line with, “As male turkeys turn out to be sexually mature at about 6 months of age, they start creating lengthy talons, one on the again of every leg. Often called spurs, these talons develop all through the turkeys’ lives. Solely male turkeys develop the spurs…”

2. Which founding father most well-liked the turkey to the bald eagle?

a) George Washington

b) John Quincy Adams

c) Benjamin Franklin

d) Alexander Hamilton

The reply is c). Benjamin Franklin wrote to his daughter about how the turkey is extra brave and respectable than the bald eagle, which we coated completely in a earlier Turkey Day weblog. The opposite founding fathers didn’t depart such sturdy proof regarding their emotions concerning the two birds apart from the truth that the bald eagle was chosen because the nationwide hen and the turkey was not.

3. At $6,395,842,000 in worth of products final 12 months (2015), the place does the USA rank by way of international locations Turkey exported to?

a) 1st

b) 2nd

c) fifth

d) tenth 

The reply is c). This information is based on the Turkish Statistical Institute.

4. Why is the turkey known as a turkey?

a) Turkey is the transliteration of a Native American (Wampanoag language) title for the hen.

b) Benjamin Franklin gave the hen its title as a result of at a “turning level” between the Pilgrims and Native People it performed a “key” function.

c) It was named after the nation Turkey.

d) European settlers thought the syllables “tuuurr” and “key” greatest described the sound the male turkey’s feathers made when dragged throughout the bottom to draw a mate.

The reply is c). In line with the Huffington Submit:

The hen “turkey” truly is known as after the nation Turkey. Who’d have thunk it? Reportedly, Europeans mistakenly thought the turkeys they noticed in America have been Guineafowl, often known as turkey fowl in Europe as a result of, get this, that they had been imported from the nation Turkey to Central Europe. Then once more in addition they thought America was Asia.

5. What number of energy are in a turkey’s tail?

a) As much as 50 energy.

b) As much as 200 energy.

c) As much as 1,500 energy.

d) There are not any energy in a turkey’s tail.

The reply is b). Once more we go to the Huffington Submit:

Turkeys have a tail that’s thought-about a delicacy in lots of international locations. The turkey tail may be very fatty and a single turkey tail can have as much as 200 energy (nearly all from fats) relying on measurement!

Now you possibly can ask the awkward query to a Thanksgiving meal visitor if he’s a leg man, breast man, or tail man.

6. Final 12 months (2015), what was the highest U.S. export to Turkey?

a) oil

b) cotton

c) electronics

d) air craft/area craft

The reply is d). World’s Richest Nations shares the next information about items exported from the USA to Turkey in 2015:

Prime 10 Turkish Imports from the US

America’s exports to Turkey amounted to

$11.1 billion or 5.6% of its general imports.

  1. Plane, spacecraft: $1.7 billion

  2. Equipment: $1.2 billion

  3. Iron and metal: $1 billion

  4. Medical, technical tools: $729.5 million

  5. Oil: $689.1 million

  6. Prescription drugs: $556.9 million

  7. Cotton: $532.3 million

  8. Digital tools: $478.3 million

  9. Plastics: $432.8 million

10. Natural chemical compounds: $415.4 million

7. What number of kilos of turkey does the common American eat yearly?

a) 5-10

b) 10-12

c) 14-15

d) 16-18

You’d want a superb reminiscence to drag this reply from our 2013 Turkey Weblog, however the common American eats between 16 and 18 kilos of turkey yearly based on WHSV.

8. The dimensions of a male turkey’s ___________ elements in as to whether a feminine turkey chooses him as a mate.

a) spurs

b) beard

c) giblets

d) snood

Don’t let that feminine turkey idiot you. Dimension issues. The reply is d).


The Journal of Avian Biology revealed the outcomes of research that discovered the dimensions of a male’s snood has a big impact on his love life and competitors with different gobblers:

… a male’s relative snood size, a personality beforehand proven for use by females in mate alternative, can be predictive of the result of male-male competitors. Complementary trials utilizing synthetic males confirmed that reside males assess the snood size of potential opponents unbiased of different male traits.

What’s a snood? Wikipedia describes it effectively:

In anatomical phrases, the snood is an erectile, fleshy protuberance on the brow of turkeys. More often than not when the turkey is in a relaxed state, the snood is pale and 2-3 cm lengthy. Nevertheless, when the male begins strutting (the courtship show), the snood engorges with blood, turns into redder and elongates a number of centimeters, hanging effectively under the beak.

With that as a ultimate picture, go eat some turkey, watch some soccer, and be with individuals you like! And if you wish to ship to or from Turkey or wherever else on the planet, contact Common Cargo for a free freight fee quote.

Completely happy Thanksgiving! Might the Detroit Lions win right this moment.

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