On the Spot: Mack Trucks' Command Steer [Video] - Equipment

On the Spot: Mack Vans’ Command Steer [Video] – Gear

November 10, 2022

HDT’s Gear Editor Jim Park places the boots to Mack Vans’ Command Steer steering help system in a hard-rock quarry owned by the H&Ok Group in Easton Pennsylvania. Does it stay as much as the hype?


Subjects Embrace:

  • Historical past of Command Steer

  • What’s Command Steer?

  • How does Command Steer work?

  • Slalom comparability

  • Backing maneuver comparability

  • Trench driving comparability

  • Grade Gripper on 20% grade

  • mDrive specs

  • Command Steer for Anthem on-highway vehicles


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