What is a Blind Shipment and How to Handle One?

What’s a Blind Cargo and Find out how to Deal with One?

What Is a blind cargo? Is it completely different from a drop cargo? How does an proprietor operator trucker to deal with one?

A invoice of lading lists the shipper, the tackle the place the load was picked up, and the receiver, together with the supply tackle.  Appears fairly simple.  Besides when the shipper desires the load picked up from one other location and delivered with out the receiver realizing.  Sounds shady, hunh?  However the truth is, blind shipments occur frequently.  Amazon handles tens of millions of them each day.  A blind cargo in a enterprise to enterprise (B2B) setting could also be much less frequent, however it’s nonetheless an necessary a part of the trucking trade.  It’s necessary for truckers to grasp how the blind cargo works and learn how to do it appropriately.

Blind Shipments

Let’s say that Enterprise A has a contract with Enterprise B to offer a product.  However Enterprise A doesn’t manufacture that product.  As an alternative, they’re actually a intermediary between Enterprise B and Enterprise C.

However when a trucker is employed to select up a load, they could not know that it is a blind cargo. 

The primary clue might be that the decide up location isn’t on the invoice of lading (BOL).  As an alternative, a trucker’s BOL will say a completely completely different location. 

That will sound a little bit suspicious, proper?  Nevertheless it’s fully authorized as a result of there might be two BOLs.  One is for the shipper, exhibiting the pick-up location and the supply tackle.  One other BOL is for the receiver, which says that the pick-up location is the shipper’s location.


Let’s put some names and areas to make this clearer, we could?*

Spacey Sprockets of Boston has informed Cogsey Cogs if Seattle that they’ve a widget that Cogsey wants.  Nonetheless, Spacey Sprockets doesn’t make the widget.  George Widgets of Chicago does.  So Spacey Sprockets orders the widgets, however transport the widgets to Spacey Sprocket wastes money and time, since all they’d do is ship them out instantly to Cogsey.

So Spacey Sprockets orders the widgets to be shipped on to Cogsey.  However Spacey Sprockets doesn’t wish to lose that intermediary cash, so they need the paperwork to point out their title solely. 

Don’t Mess Up the BOL

The job of the trucker sounds easy:

  • to select up the load on time,
  • ship the load on time,
  • deal with the paperwork.

Sure, that’s a gross understatement of what the job of a trucker is.  However that final one – that’s the place the blind cargo can go improper.

A trucker might must create a BOL for some hundreds.  (TruckingOffice PRO does have a BOL generator for truckers who want it.)  For a blind cargo, it’s actually finest if the BOL is supplied by the shipper.  That approach, any issues with the paperwork are on the individuals who ready it, not on the trucker.

No, the trucker has a distinct downside.

Be sure to give the receiver the proper BOL.

Whether or not a BOL is digital or paper, the receiver should see the best BOL.  If Cogsey finds out about George Widgets by the BOL, Spacey Sprockets will lose the contract.

That’s not a spot a trucker desires to be.  It might result in authorized motion.  

Nonetheless you handle it, hold the 2 BOLs separate.

Billing the Blind Cargo

Know who you’re purported to ship your bill to.  Sending the bill to the tackle the place the load was picked up received’t receives a commission.  If the load is brokered, take time to verify with the dealer to make certain of the billing tackle.

Ship copies of each BOLs to the billing division.  Don’t give them a motive to not pay the bill by sending just one.

The Different Blind Cargo?

There may be one other frequent use of the time period “blind” in trucking. Blind deliveries are uncommon shipments when the trucker doesn’t know the supply location once they decide up the load.  Again within the day earlier than GPS, getting a load and not using a supply tackle was asking for hassle.  Delivering a load and not using a clear supply location – particularly if there’s a particular window or scheduled supply time – will be nerve-wracking.  Now that GPS can pinpoint a location with ease, a blind supply is easier to deal with, however it’s nonetheless uncommon.

Drop Shipments

In some ways, blind and drop shipments are the identical.  The time period “drop shipments” is often used within the retail or e-commerce world.  Amazon has hundreds of shops who submit merchandise on the Amazon website.  When the product is shipped, it’s generally “Amazon” on the transport paperwork as a result of the retailer desires to maintain their title out of the method.  Amazon isn’t the one on-line retailer that handles drop shipments.    

Have you ever ever dealt with a blind cargo?  How did you handle the paperwork to maintain it so as?

*Because of Hanna Barbera for uplifting the names.

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