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Companies often ship their products in bulk to deliver the required volume on time, while being economical.

This goal is usually challenged with concerns, like shortage of skilled truck drivers, fluctuating fuel costs, and regulations that vary per location.

LoadzPro simplifies the truckload freight delivery processes to give you convenience and peace of mind. Get well-negotiated truckload shipping rates from dependable carriers via our free quote system and contact our customer service and sales support departments any time of the day or night for inquiries.

What is full truckload?

This mode of freight transport is often considered the best option for large shipments that weigh over 15,000 lbs. and can take up the full capacity of a 48’ or 53’ trailer.

Why partner with LoadzPro?

Our specialists with years of experience in freight transport and other types of transport collaborate with more than 10,000 trusted carriers to deliver hundreds of cargos and vehicles per week. We have transported construction materials, consumer goods, and even heavy equipment.

What do our clients say about us?

LoadzPro cultivates relationships. We continue providing quality service, especially when we know what our clients think. 

What benefits will you get from full truckload shipping?

LoadzPro provides top-notch truckload transportation in the United States and even worldwide. Partner with us today and get the following benefits:


LoadzPro has a wide range of trailers and shipping methods to fit any situation, moving anything from residential items to industrial, oversized cargos. Our Carrier network also provides shippers a wide spectrum of equipment type to choose from.


Shipping heavy, high volume cargo in one huge trailer is less expensive compared to transporting the load separately via several carriers.

How can our shipping solutions help you today?

Our well-trained experts are available 24/7 to make sure your delivery requirements are met. No matter how heavy or huge your haul is, we make sure our Carriers deliver them securely and on time. 

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