Streamlined partial truckload.

LoadzPro makes truckload logistics a breeze.

When shipping products in bulk, partial truckload shipping (PTL) would be an economical option for your firm, especially if some of the volumes that cannot fit into a full truck need to be supplemented.

Experience convenience and peace of mind knowing that LoadzPro can simplify the freight delivery process for you. Our PTL shipping can cater even the most odd-sized goods, reach outside market area venues, and ensure flexible delivery times.

What is partial truckload shipping?

This delivery method is a smart alternative for quick moving cargos while not requiring a full truck for storage. The shipment will occupy at least half a trailer, and would weigh between 5,000 to 38,000 lbs.

Why collaborate with LoadzPro?

Our reliable specialists with years of experience in freight transport and other types of transport work with over 10,000 reputable carriers to carry hundreds of packages and vehicles every week. We have delivered huge items like consumer goods, construction materials, and even heavy equipment.

What do our clients say about us?

LoadzPro cultivates relationships. We continue providing quality service, especially when we know what our clients think. 

What benefits will partial truckload shipping offer you?

LoadzPro delivers exceptional truckload transportation solutions for clients in the United States and worldwide. Let us help you with your haul and benefit from the following:

Ships goods in all sizes

Goods with irregular dimensions are difficult to ship, but not with PTL. No matter how odd-sized the goods may seem, we can definitely find a way for it. PTL is also the way to go for cargos that do not require a full truckload.

Shipping anywhere

Some orders are bound for destinations located outside major markets. The good news is, we can get your orders there directly and on time.

Flexible delivery times

If time is not an issue for you and your order does not need to be shipped urgently, PTL can be suitable option for you.

What can our delivery services do for you today?

Our dedicated personnel work tirelessly to meet your expectations and truckload transport requirements. No matter what your load is, we will deliver it.

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