Hassle-free lumber products delivery.

The high demand for lumber-based, renewable products such as paper and furniture results in an increased need for truckload shipping between states.

Why partner with LoadzPro?

Our team of experts in the freight transport industry collaborates with a network of over 10,000 trustworthy delivery personnel to deliver hundreds of packages and vehicles every week. We have successfully moved everything from consumer goods to construction materials.

LoadzPro makes the whole truckload freight delivery process convenient for your peace of mind. We have a free quote system with well-negotiated rates from reputable carriers, and our 24/7 customer service and sales support teams are ready to answer your inquiries anytime.

What do our clients say about us?

LoadzPro proud of its solid relationships with clients.

What benefits will you get from truckload shipping?ges?

LoadzPro strives to provide valuable advantages for your company.


Shipping heavy, high volume cargos in one huge trailer at one time is less expensive compared to transporting the load separately in small quantity and across multiple trailers. 


LoadzPro  has a wide range of trailers and shipping methods to fit any situation, moving anything from forestry tools to building products, textile products, construction materials, absorbent pulp, paper products, and liquid packaging products. 

Need to ship your lumber products?

Our dedicated team works hard to take care of your delivery requirements. No matter how heavy or huge your haul is, we can ship them. We carry the following:

Feller Bunchers



And more!

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