Truckload freight shipping.

LoadzPro can streamline this for you.

Companies rely heavily on truckload shipping to keep business operations moving.

With truckload shipping, goods are moved from state to state to reach their destinations and ultimately, their end-users. Still, many companies struggle with challenges like varying freight costs, shortage of capable truck drivers, fuel expenses, as well as government and international regulations.

LoadzPro condenses the process of truckload freight delivery for your convenience and peace of mind. Our free quote system gets competitive truckload shipping rates from trusted carriers, and our 24/7 customer service and sales support teams are always ready to answer your inquiries.

What is truckload freight?

Truckload shipping simply refers to carrying volumes of shipment by road, enabling shippers to have their goods transported both intra and interstate, and whether they require full, less than or partial truckload.

Why choose LoadzPro?

Our dedicated team of experts in the fields of freight transport and other types of transport work with over 10,000 reliable delivery personnel to move hundreds of parcels and vehicles weekly. We have moved everything from construction materials, to consumer goods, and even heavy equipment.

What our clients say

LoadzPro cultivates relationships. We continue providing quality service, especially when we know what our clients think.

What benefits will truckload shipping offer you?

LoadzPro works hard to deliver valuable benefits for your business. Let us assist you and provide you with the following:


Shipping heavy, high-volume cargos in one huge trailer is less expensive compared to transporting the load separately via several carriers.


LoadzPro has a wide range of trailers and shipping methods to fit any situation, moving anything from residential items to industrial, oversized cargo.


Truckload transit routes are more consistent, as carriers do not need to make loading or unloading stops. As a result, your shipment can be delivered faster.


The carrier moves your cargo from point A to point B without any stops in between. There is no freight handling during the trip, reducing the chances of damage to the goods.

What shipping service are you looking for?

Our experts are working around the clock to take care of your transport requirements. Whatever your haul is, our Carriers  will deliver them securely and on time. We provide the following solutions:

Full truck loadFull Truckload (FTL)

Partial Truckload (PTL)

Less Than TruckLoad (LTL)

Let us help you with your truckload shipping now.