Count on us to ship for you, hassle-free.

Whether you need shipping for business or personal purposes, LoadzPro makes sure to deliver the same quality of service.

We are a 3PL solutions provider that takes pride in providing:


Our transportation management system (TMS) allows us to track and manage loads for timely and safe deliveries. We are available 24/7 so we can address any shipping concerns immediately.

On top of that, we never go back on our word. We will take action on everything we say to do the utmost we can for our customers.


We take accountability in each stage of the shipping process. We will respect and commit to you by listening to your insights and learning from them.

LoadzPro is also composed of a well-trained team that asks the right questions to offer the right solutions. As a result, we are able to meet customers’ varying needs, acquire the appropriate equipment type, and determine state regulations in different locations.


We are organized, efficient, and focused on achieving the best results for you. We take actions based on careful decision-making to maintain smooth and successful logistics operations until the very end.

Our Carriers have safety records and insurance availability. In addition, our wide network of carriers attests that we use a variety of equipment types available for shippers.


We are committed to nurturing a harmonious professional relationship with you. Our line of communications is always open. We make sure to always talk to you and update you about load status throughout the shipping journey.

We practice transparency throughout the entire shipping process and, in turn, earn the trust of our partners like you.

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Total Loads Delivered

We track your loads for safe and timely delivery.

To our Shippers, assurance of a secure and timely delivery of their loads is crucial as it impacts their day-to-day business operations.

With the help of our proprietary transportation management software (TMS), our Loadz Pro Specialists and Dispatch team are equipped with robust data storage system and tracking reports to ensure our Shippers are up-to-date with the status of their loads, from pick up all the way to its successful delivery.

In addition, our TMS offers a comprehensive suite of functions including a quoting system, a communication and billing functionalities that enable our team to address all our Shippers’ needs throughout their shipping transaction with us.

TMS: Load information is for illustration purposes only and does not refer to an actual load.

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