Blind spot rider or clueless driver?

A motorist took to Reddit to query whether or not a near-miss incident caught on sprint cam was his or the truck drivers fault. 

Within the clip, the motorist is transferring to go the semi truck on the left when the motive force all of the sudden alerts and begins to recover from. The motorist is almost pressured out of their lane, however the truck driver notices the automotive earlier than it’s too late and swerves again into their very own lane. 

“I’m not making an attempt to disgrace the truck driver, I simply wished to know if I used to be hanging of their blind spot. So I can keep away from doing it sooner or later,” wrote the video poster.

Within the feedback, different viewers seem to overwhelmingly blame the truck driver for ‘not paying consideration.’

“Driver wasn’t paying sufficient consideration. You’re passing at a adequate velocity he ought to’ve seen you coming,” wrote one.

“You’re effective. Truck driver is a dumbass for not checking any of his 3 left aspect mirrors earlier than lane altering,” added one other.

Try the video beneath and resolve for your self who’s at fault.

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