Hate to say that the trucker may really be at fault for this one

Viewers are debating whether or not the driving force or the motorist are extra at fault on this brief sprint cam clip. 

Within the video, a truck driver is touring within the quick lane when he drifts to the precise and clips a automobile making an attempt to slowly cross on the precise. The automobile is then pushed in opposition to the entrance passenger facet of the truck and the 2 automobiles finally slide to the left and collide with the barrier wall. 

The automobile involves a cease instantly in entrance of the truck’s grill and finally tries to again up and out of the scenario however snags on the truck’s bumper after which smacks again into the barrier wall. 

“I used to be a truck driver however on this I hate to say the Trucker was at fault,” wrote one viewer.

“The trucker ought to by no means be within the far left lane except to cross in a two-lane, however in a 3 +, you shouldn’t be in that lane in any respect,” wrote one other. 

“The damaging scenario started with the trucker being in a lane he shouldn’t have . He then clearly swerved out of his lane inflicting the accident. His fault. That, nevertheless doesn’t absolve the auto driver from his stupidity. NEVER cross a semi on the precise,” added a 3rd.

Watch the video, beneath.

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