Top 10 Export Goods to China with Pics!

High 10 Export Items to China with Pics!

Per week in the past, Common Cargo Administration shared a weblog counting down the highest ten import merchandise from China.

As lots of our clients are importers from China and there are numerous curious about changing into importers from China, it was a preferred weblog.

In fact, we understand that not everybody within the worldwide delivery enterprise is an importer. Lots of our clients are exporters. It solely appears proper to observe up the highest ten imports from China with a weblog counting down the highest ten export items to China.

For you exporters on the market, or those that are merely curious, listed below are the highest ten exports from the U.S. to China.

The supply of this record is the U.S.-China Bunsiness Council, counting what the U.S. exported to China in 2011.

#10 – Natural chemical compounds

#9 – Copper and articles thereofcopper exported to China

#8 – Pulp and paperboardpaperboard exported to China

#7 – Plastics and articles thereofplastic exported to China

#6 – Optics and medical toolsmedical supplies exported to China

#5 – Plane and spacecraftAircraft China Export

#4 – Automobiles, excluding railWoman pumping gas in car

#3 – Electrical equipment and toolselectrical machinery exported to China

#2 – Oil seeds and oleaginous fruitsoil seeds & oleaginous fruit exported to China

#1 – Energy era toolspower generation equipment exported to China

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