How BSLBATT lithium-ion batteries revolutionized the cold storage industry

How BSLBATT lithium-ion batteries revolutionized the chilly storage {industry}

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Certainly one of South Africa’s main chocolate producers switched to BSLBATT lithium-ion batteries to make sure uninterrupted multi-shift warehouse forklift operations in temperatures starting from -25℃ to 30℃.

The corporate profiled right here is among the largest branded meals firms in South Africa and has its personal manufacturing plant in South Africa.

In 2021, firms are in search of methods to enhance operational effectivity and security. Low temperature freezer and fridge environments can put lots of stress on lead-acid batteries, leading to lengthy charging occasions and frequent interruptions to day by day operations.

The conversion to Jungheinrich vehicles powered by Eternity Applied sciences South Africa, the unique distributor of BSLBATT lithium-ion batteries in South Africa, went easily and didn’t require any operational or infrastructure adjustments. In consequence, operations administration noticed a rise in forklift working time, a major discount in recharging time and total battery upkeep time. Office security has additionally improved.

This time we got here to Ferrero’s chocolate manufacturing unit to go to our prospects and examine the utilization of our BSLBATT 51.2V 690Ah forklift battery after one 12 months. The forklift used is a Jungheinrich forklift. The use atmosphere is in chilly storage at a low temperature of -25 ℃ to -30 ℃ levels, and the forklift is changed each 45 minutes. The battery is in glorious situation after a 12 months of use! No fault codes by any means! No issues throughout use!

Increasingly more firms want to use some great benefits of lithium-ion batteries in forklift vehicles and warehouse gear for his or her intralogistics processes. However is that this additionally doable in a temperature-controlled atmosphere, comparable to chilly storage in arctic temperatures? How do lithium-ion batteries keep efficiency in chilly and fluctuating temperatures?

Why use lithium batteries in chilly storage?

● Batteries that retain capability in chilly warehouse temperatures (typical lead-acid batteries can lose 30–50% of their capability in chilly situations)

● Electrical gear that’s unaffected by condensation and humidity inside temperature-controlled amenities

● High security and hygiene requirements

● Elevated uptime, diminished prices, higher effectivity and gear utilization

● Information-driven administration of fabric dealing with operations

● A higher share of unpolluted energy and total discount of power use with a purpose to meet company sustainability objectives

Why BSLBATT Lithium forklift Battery?

● BSLBATT Low temperature collection lithium Batteries keep 95% of their nominal capability and exhibit secure efficiency in a cooler or freezer at -25° to +30°C

● All BSLBATT Low temperature collection Lithium Batteries are sealed towards condensation; all different battery collection will be upgraded with a sealed package deal

● Li-ion batteries are a secure, non-toxic energy supply with zero emission of pollution

● Single-battery operation via a number of shifts, zero day by day upkeep, no battery room

● BSLBATT superior BMS gives knowledge on every carry truck battery charging occasion, power throughput and way more

● Lithium batteries use as much as 30% much less electrical energy than lead-acid batteries on account of higher power conversion

● Completely safe system with excessive availability

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