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Is There a Diesel Gas Scarcity? – Podcast

Regardless of what you could have heard, no, we’re not working out of diesel gas. However – low stockpiles do imply greater costs. On this episode of HDT Talks Trucking, we break down what you need to know and what this implies for trucking fleets.


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Heavy Responsibility Trucking’s prime story from November was the information that stockpiles of distillate fuels (that means diesel gas and heating oil) had been low. HDT Editor in Chief Deborah Lockridge joins Managing Editor Vesna Brajkovic to speak:

  • What low distillate gas stockpiles imply for trucking fleets
  • Misconceptions of a diesel gas scarcity
  • What situations result in these excessive diesel costs
  • How these situations evaluate to earlier numbers
  • When will diesel gas prices drop
  • and extra!

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No, We Aren’t Working Out of Diesel Gas — However Low Stockpiles Imply Larger Costs 


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