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Suggestions for Submit-Flood Fleet Inspections – Upkeep

Checks and testing are essential to getting automobiles again on the street.

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As Hurricane Ian hit the east coast on the finish of September, it introduced devastation in its path. And cities in Florida wanted hundreds of truck drivers to assist help in reduction and rebuilding efforts.

In terms of car upkeep, it’s essential to verify your car after being uncovered to flood waters. A number of the objects to examine and recondition are air brakes, wheel-ends, and different security parts. Bendix offers its prime tech suggestions for post-flood inspection and reconditioning.

Examine the air brake system:

  • Examine every part within the pneumatic brake and accent methods.
  • Drain any stress remaining within the service reservoirs.
  • Mark and take away all pneumatic and electrical connectors at every valve.
  • Examine for proof of water or contamination contained in the connectors, air hoses, or the part itself.
  • Rigorously use dry compressed air stress (from a stationary compressor or comparable) to blow air by way of the pneumatic tubes and hoses. Look ahead to proof of water or contamination.
  • If water or contamination is discovered contained in the part, substitute the part.
  • Repeat this course of as you proceed to examine all of the valves within the air brake system. Change any nonfunctioning valves or these displaying proof of ingestion of water or contaminants.
  • Examine tractor and trailer glad arms and the provision and management hoses. Water and contaminants incessantly enter the air brake system by way of unprotected glad arms.

Examine the charging system:

  • Examine the air consumption, compressor, and air dryer for indicators of water or contaminant ingestion. 
  • Rigorously use dry compressed air stress (from a stationary compressor or comparable) to blow air by way of the pneumatic tubing and look ahead to proof of water or contamination.
  • Use dry compressed air from a stationary air compressor (or appropriate moveable unit) to get any residual water out of the service tanks.
  • Air dryers take away moisture in compressed air, however they won’t take away moisture that’s current within the system past the service tanks.

Look at all wheel-ends:

  • Water pooling in drums
  • Corrosion between brake lining materials.
  • The integrity of the friction couple between the friction and disc or drum
  • Take away any fittings and mounting stud nuts for any water publicity.

Hurricane season is from 1 by way of November 30. Hurricane Ian was one of many greatest however may not be the final of the season. To maintain your fleet ready all through hurricane season, Work Truck has you lined. You’ll be able to learn extra about hurricane fleet prep right here: Hurricane Security: Defending Your Fleet and Coping with the Aftermath of the 2021 Season.

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