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Warnings from the Future Half II

Warnings from the Future Half I

Value of Oil – the Value of Life 

“Value of oil via the roof. $5.00 plus – if I can get it” was true.

However what does that imply? How does that have an effect on me and also you?

It’s the oil merchants, the Wall Road bankers, villains via and thru. $120, $130, $140 – the value grew.  $5 on the pump – what should I do? The home I purchased, funds squeezed on the margins – now these margins squeezing me – proper into the road. Gasoline is $5.00 per gallon, new automotive cost, heating and air con is $400 a month, meals now via the roof. Oh, come on! Foreclosures, too.

Foreclosures began exhibiting. Bankers stated, “I noticed your financials when your mortgage I accredited. Now it’s time to refi –with elevated fuels, I do know you’ll be able to’t afford it.” So, no refi for you.

Lending slowed and the “market” pulled again. Demand for properties slumped. The bubble is revealed and housing implodes.

However for President a person ran. “$4.00 plus per gallon is an effective factor. I simply assume it bought there too quick.”

“You make an excessive amount of, you reside too effectively, your homes are too massive, you dream too massive. American heads, too, swelled. Lock up the gas, cease the exploration, make land “off limits”, shut down oil wells which might be beneath development. Make them go some other place! Do that so we will spend our cash, make different nations wealthy, give away our wealth to stay with limits and to seek out our “ache” that social justice may prevail.”

And but we sit on 200 years value of available, simply accessed power in our nation – generations of wealth, world altering affluence, lifetimes of freedom. “Nevertheless it’s soiled, and crude – and I need you to trip a motorbike, journey much less, dream much less, stay smaller, give in, hand over – and provides to me – your freedom for my glee.”

“No! It’s not true!” you say. Automobiles don’t run 38 instances cleaner than 10 years in the past. Coal can’t burn 300% – 400% cleaner and turning into a “clear gas”.  No, the assessments are mistaken. Pure Gasoline – plentiful provide – cleanest of all fuels to burn and conversion nation extensive in 5 years in period, with a whole lot of years of provide. “None of it’s true, I say. It’s a fluke – we should REDUCE – for there isn’t any extra oil provide.”

No! I need “electrical” with no energy provide. “I need bio–fuels, renewable sources – take my meals and make me fly!” For and not using a gas revolution, how will I take your items, your good life, your massive goals, your kids’s inheritance, your loved ones’s future? Except I take all of it away and provides it again to you solely as you pay, sooner or later at a time in a life with no cause to stay, however mine?

Oil disaster is coming, however not due to quick provide, and even the parable of preventing fossil gas planetary destruction. You might want to ask your self the explanation why.


Dave Stover


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